Unclouded is a software platform for employing device-to-device communication.

Available for Android. More support and tools coming soon.
  • Connect Automatically connect to other devices in the network using local communication technology like a local (WiFi) access point or hotspot. No internet connection is required.
  • Monitor Keep track of everything that happens in the network. Get notified when devices connect, disconnect and reconnect, and listen for the services that they are broadcasting.
  • Interact Unclouded entirely employs asynchronous and event-driven communication. No threads, (dead)locks or data-level race conditions! Data between devices can be passed by copy or by reference.

A multi-screen mini golf application for Android.

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TUTORIAL Unclouded Messenger for Android Learn how to build a messenger app for Android that allows you to chat with your nearby buddies without being connected to the internet. Using the Unclouded SDK, only a few lines of code are necessary to create awesome collaborative software like this. » Read the tutorial
SERVICES Need help? We offer a range of services in order to help you building awesome device-to-device applications. Our services include full development of applications, consultancy and custom component development. » Find out how we can help you

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