Follow our journey. It starts here.

Today, we are excited to launch our brand new Unclouded blog. As it will serve as our primary channel to communicate news and updates about Unclouded to the world, we are happy to have reached this milestone. Along our journey on building great software and tools for empowering device-to-device communication, this blog will be dedicated to our progress, visions and opinions.

    At Unclouded, we are passionate about distributed software. We feel, in particular, that device-to-device communication can simplify many applications and create a unique and seamless user experience. A great example of this is our multi-screen mini golf application called Golve. It enables to combine all devices near you in order to construct your own custom golf courses. Once the game is started, the ball seamlessly rolls from one screen to the other, all in smooth and fluid way without delays and hitches.

    Developing device-to-device software like this is hard. Connections between devices are very temporal and dynamic, and there is no central entity to coordinate this all. However, thanks to the Unclouded software platform, the amount of effort necessary to develop device-to-device software can be greatly reduced. Our API is easy to use and can be integrated in your apps within minutes.

    Our journey will be long, and won't be easy. We know which direction we want to go to, but it is much less clear what will happen along the way. This blog is a first effort in order to update you on our experiences and the progress we make. We commit ourselves to deliver content of great value and promise to share as much useful information as we can.

    Over the next couple of months, we plan to roll out several new tools and products. Support for iOS is on the top of our list, but more is definitely on its way soon.

    Finally, in order for our journey to succeed, we are reaching out to passionate open-source developers for helping us to grow the Unclouded platform. Many people working together can do awesome things, so therefore, if you share the same passion as we do and want to collaborate, send us an email at

    Our journey starts here. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter.